El Pozuelo, Spain

El Pozuelo, Spain

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Truffle Farms Europe was founded in 2015 with the aim and vision of becoming the World’s leading provider of Périgord Truffle.

truffle trees plantation

Our 160 Hectare fully irrigated truffle farm in the Murcia Region of Spain.

truffle farms research

Our in-house team use the best scientific knowledge to enhance the process of natural truffle growth.

truffle plantation water supply

The plentiful water supply on our farm ensures we have the perfect conditions for producing truffle.

The scale of El Pozuelo means that Truffle Farms Europe are perfectly placed as a global force in the market for truffle.

About Us

At Truffle Farms Europe our in-house team have the scientific knowledge to cultivate and improve on the early delivery and volume of the Périgord Truffle.

Truffle Farms Europe is led by CEO Graeme Henderson supported by a team at the farm in Spain. The business was the vision of Martin Waddell who had a passion for Truffles. Martin wanted to create a business that was both ethical and sustainable and one that would generate substantial returns.

Martin sadly passed away in 2023. The Waddell family continue to be involved in driving the business forward and share the same enthusiasm for Truffle cultivation. Sustainability remains the foundation of the company and underpins its values.

truffle trees plantation aerial view

The El Pozuelo Estate, Murcia Region of Spain.

truffle trees plantation young trees

Young Oak trees before planting.

Forestry for fine food


What is a Truffle?

A truffle is the fruiting body of an underground mushroom or tuber. Spore dispersal happens naturally through animals or by the inoculation of the tree roots under laboratory conditions. Oak and hazel trees are the most common trees used for inoculation and plantation development.

We focus on the Black Périgord Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) for the following reasons:

  • It is the second most valuable truffle
  • It is the most successfully cultivated truffle
  • Our farm is located where soil and climate conditions are perfect for maximising crop levels.
truffle held in hand

A truffle from this years harvest.

Ethical | Ecological | Sustainable




The Farm

Our Farm in Spain – El Pozuelo

We are based in the Province of Murcia in Southeast Spain.

We have the right soil, a huge number of sunshine hours, a secure and substantial water supply and solar energy so that the farm is truly self-sufficient.