Did You Know?

Demand for truffle is rising exponentially – In the US alone the market has grown from $4M to $30M in 10 years

Did You Know?

The European Perigord Truffle regularly sells for over €2000 per KG

Did You Know?

A single tree can produce up to 10KG of Perigord Truffle each year

Patience brings rewards

After a stressful life working in high pressure roles in the UK, in 2007 I moved with my family to Southern France.

I had a vision of a more peaceful life and the desire to build an environmentally and socially responsible business. A business where the goals were not about short term profitability, but one where hard work and patience would be rewarded over the long term.

Being a great lover of food I knew that over 80% of Truffles came from the wild. Since 2007, I have been working tirelessly on overcoming the significant barriers to the successful cultivation of the Perigord Truffle.

I have been working with the world’s leading scientific experts to manage out risks and significantly improve on the early delivery and volumes achieved in the cultivation of the Perigord Truffle.

Having achieved this, Truffle Farms Europe Ltd have now built a significant inventory of the worlds most advanced truffle trees.

Our mission is to continue to establish highly productive truffle plantations throughout Europe and beyond.

Patience has paid off!

Martin Waddell
Founder and CEO


Truffles are one the great foods which, have always been hunted and prized by the World’s gourmets and chefs. Their production has dropped dramatically over the last century, whilst demand for them has continued to rise exponentially.


Truffles are simply fungus (tuber style mushrooms) that co-exist and grow on the roots of certain tree species. Our recent scientific developments have seen much rigour and consistency brought to the art and this shows benefits in quality and increased plantation production.

Helping the environment

At a time when the world is losing vast amounts of forrestry, it is gratifying to be able to operate a business that has a very positive impact on the environment.

Having planted over 100,000 Mediterrean Oak trees already, we are proud that we are having a positive impact on our environment.

The growing of truffles is an entirely natural process. There can be no chemical interference in the process, or the natural flavours would be destroyed.

We develop Truffle Farms with the World’s best Truffle Science


Forestry for Fine Food