Welcome to Truffle Farms Europe

We work with the best scientific experts to produce the world’s most advanced truffle trees.

Truffles and trees – a perfect match

Truffles are one of the great foods hunted and prized by gourmets and chefs. Their production has dropped dramatically over the last century, whilst demand for them has grown exponentially.

The Global market for Truffle is expected to grow to over $6 billion within the next ten years.

Science behind the trees

Truffles are the fungal fruiting bodies of microscopic spores that co-exist on the roots of certain tree species. Our recent developments have seen much rigour and consistency brought to the science and husbandry of truffle farming. This shows benefits in quality and increased plantation production.

The Perigord Truffle regularly sells for over €2000 per KG.

Planting for the future

We have planted over 200,000 Mediterranean oak trees. We are proud that at a time when the world is losing vast amounts of forestry, our business is having a positive impact on the environment.

The growing of truffles is an entirely natural process. There can be no chemical interference in the process, or the natural flavours would be destroyed.

A single tree can produce up to 10KG of Perigord Truffle each year.

We develop Truffle Farms with the World’s best Truffle Science