Passive income means generating money with the minimum of time and effort, aka the dream. The richest in society have used passive income for centuries to help them continue living the good life. 

Truffle Farms Europe provides a way for our investors to receive a passive income stream that will continue for three decades. As a green and sustainable company we are actively building a better future for the world and helping in the fight against climate change. We believe our passive investment is a leader in terms of providing both financial and ecological benefits.

In this article we will take a look at some passive income ideas that are good for both your bank balance, and the wider world. 

Invest In Truffles Producing Trees

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Truffle producing trees offer strong and steady annual returns, while also helping the environment on a micro and macro level. Truffle producing trees are a perfect example of an eco-friendly passive investment. 

Investing in truffle producing trees is easy and stress-free. This is because everything from the farming, to the harvesting and selling, is taken care of by Truffle Trees Europe. Truffle tree investors make a one time payment for the trees, then enjoy an annual payout, for the next 30 years. Once the 30 year period is over, Truffle Trees Europe buys back the trees at the same price you paid for them.

Total Return on Investment can be as high as 1470% if historical trends hold good. Although that sounds like a lot, it is actually a conservative estimate. Diversifying your portfolio is vital and  returns on truffle producing trees are not linked to the health of the stock market, housing market, or any other traditional investment. This makes a forestry investment, such as truffle producing trees, the ultimate hedge.

By investing in truffle producing trees, you are doing your part to bring back Europe’s natural ecosystem. Before World War One and Two, vast areas of Southern Europe were covered in forest. The wars, and later industrialisation, destroyed much of this land. 

This forest was previously the natural habitat for numerous species of plants and animals. By re-planting these forests, the local flora and fauna will once again have land to call home. When given an opportunity, nature always finds a way. By investing in the planting of new forests, you are giving nature that chance she needs.

Stake Crypto On A De-Fi Platform

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Regardless of how you might feel about crypto, digital money and blockchain technology is here to stay. Major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum may or may not have a future. But central banks from all the major nations are piloting digital currencies right now. We can expect these to launch before the end of 2022. Within the next decade, everyone will have a digital wallet.

One of the most interesting developments in the crypto space, and a great way of earning passive income, comes from De-Fi. Otherwise known as decentralized finance, De-Fi allows everyday folks the chance to become their own bank.

To put it very simply, you lend your crypto coins to a De-Fi platform and they pay you interest. For example, you agree to leave your coins on a De-Fi platform for 3 months, and they promise to pay an interest of 10%. Depending on how much the platform needs your coins (for liquidity) you can earn more or less interest. Rates on De-Fi platforms are typically much better than you can find anywhere in traditional banking.

As with everything crypto, until we have clear regulations in place there are risks involved. However, De-Fi looks like a game-changing idea. Now is the time to make yourself familiar with this technology. Early investors always get the best rates, if you’re ready to make a move when crypto goes mainstream, you will be well placed to get strong passive income returns.

Invest In Real Estate

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Investing in real estate is a tried and tested way to generate passive income. The formula is simple. Buy real estate and rent it out. If you have enough money to buy the house outright, you will start receiving passive income immediately.

If you’re buying on a mortgage, then you can use the rent to cover the mortgage. Having someone else pay off your mortgage is passive income at its finest.

When buying real estate with a view to rent, cities are usually the best bet. These attract lots of young professionals who will be looking to rent while they save up for their own real estate. Renting to students can be a lucrative option, but tends to come with higher maintenance costs. 

Avoid buying luxury real estate if you are buying to rent out. It can be difficult to find renters for these types of property. Similarly, don’t spend too much on fancy fittings and furniture. These will eat into your budget without boosting the rental value.

Another option is to buy real estate overseas. This will give you a diversified income stream and protect you from any dips in the U.S. markets. Countries like Portugal offer investors a chance of acquiring an EU residency when they purchase real estate. This is a highly prized asset and really opens up your future options.

When buying overseas you might be tempted to buy in a tourist area and rent via Airbnb. On paper, the returns for this option look spectacular. Be careful not to get too greedy, though. Airbnb rentals don’t offer the same security as long-term rentals. Plenty of people using Airbnb money to cover the mortgage have been badly burned by the Covid related lockdowns. If you’re buying to rent, make sure you have enough money leftover to pay the mortgage for at least a year. 

Create An Online Course

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By creating an online course in an area where you have expertise, you can set up a passive income stream for years to come. You can create your course on YouTube or perhaps write a short book or manual. 

This could be anything from teaching martial arts, to wood work, painting or teaching a foreign language. There are always people looking to learn new skills. If you can make your content engaging and practical, you can earn good money doing so.

The best part about this style of teaching is that you only need to do the lesson once. A college professor has to teach the same class each year. By recording your lesson (or making a manual) you only need to do it one time. That said, it’s easy to make updates if you ever need to.

American economist Thomas Sewell was once asked the best piece of advice he could give to young people making their way in the world. His answer:

“You equip yourself with skills people are willing to pay for”.

Help other people to learn these skills and you can earn passive income with an online course.




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