More businesses than ever are going green but what are the benefits, and why the recent shift towards the environmentally sound approach?

A lot of it has to do with the realization of just how much of damage is being done by some of the biggest companies.

The Carbon Majors Report bought attention to the fact that just 100 companies are responsible for over 70% of all greenhouse gas emissions over the past 33 years.

These global goliaths made up largely of big oil and gas companies, have gone from strength to strength. They’ve pocketed countless hundreds of billions while damaging our planet and depleting its resources.

For a long time this business method wasn’t accepted with a shrug but over recent years, the court of public opinion has started to shift against this companies and their business model.

The new wave of super-corporations such as Facebook and Google are committed to going green. Google celebrated 4 years of 100% renewable energy. They prioritize renewable energy wherever they can and make up a shortfall with green investments.

Even the big oil companies have had to make concessions. Gas giants like Shell and Chevron are finally going green. In 2017 Shell spent $1.7 billion setting up its green investment division and has continued to pump money into the venture.

Today, green and ethical companies are becoming the standard, and companies which don’t embrace green and sustainable practices are getting left behind.

With that in mind, here are 4 ways going green can benefit your business.

Attract Environmentally Conscious Customers And Investors

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Today’s consumers are more concerned with environmental issues than ever before. ‘Green’ customers are a valuable market. Studies have shown that not only are they willing to pay a premium to support environmentally responsible companies, but they are also extremely loyal. This is a fast-growing customer base which businesses cannot afford to exclude.

Younger generations are especially engaged with the green movement. The stats below give an idea of how younger generations view green companies.

  • Over 90% of Millennials said they are more likely to trust companies that make an active difference in social or environmental issues.
  • Nearly two thirds of all 22–35-year-olds are happy to pay extra for environmentally friendly products.
  • Over 80% of all consumers try to choose the most eco-friendly product available.
  • A poll by Natural Marketing showed that consumers are happy to pay 20% more on environmentally friendly goods and services.

Tax Breaks For Green Companies

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The big governments across the world agree that climate change is one of the most pressing challenges facing the world. They’re committed to doing their part. One of the ways they’re fighting against climate change is by giving tax breaks to eco-friendly businesses. These tax breaks provide an extra incentive for business owners to ensure their companies are as green as possible.

There’s another benefit for companies such as Truffle Farms Europe, and others who offer green investments. Once again it’s thanks to government efforts to fight climate change. Our trees are completely tax-free for the majority of our investors. It’s fair to say the extra profits investors enjoy from this tax-free status are what have made our trees such a huge hit with investors worldwide.

If you have any questions about whether our trees are tax-free in your country, we’re happy to arrange an appointment with one of our specialists.

Improve The Public Image Of Your Business

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A strong public image is crucial tp any business. Especially when it comes to the environment.

Being seen as a company that is harming the environment can be fatal to a companies PR. The most famous example is probably the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This disaster wiped $105 billion off the total value of BP, in 2010. While this is an extreme example, it shows that even the biggest companies aren’t immune to losing money if the public perceives them as being bad for the environment.

Previously, it would take major ecological disasters before customers and investors take notice. But today’s customers are actively vetting companies on their green credentials.

This means there’s a big opportunity for eco-friendly businesses.

Customers and employees are keen to associate themselves with green and ethical companies. If you’re company is benefiting the planet, people will feel proud to be involved with it. Usually, when people feel proud about something they’ll tell their friends. Plenty of green companies get lots of new business thanks to referrals from existing customers.

Build A Better Planet

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Perhaps the most important reason for your business to go green is making the world a better place to live.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimate that at least 882 plants and animals have already gone extinct as a direct result of climate change. They have a red list with another 10,967 species in imminent danger of going extinct.

Unless action is taken soon, these numbers are only going to increase.

We’ve highlighted the rewards to your business of going green. But the real winner here is the planet, and the future generations who need to live here. Living and working in an ethical and sustainable way is going to take commitment from everyone, but it can be done.

Truffle Farms Europe – A Green And Ethical Company

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Founded more than a decade ago our goal was to create a sustainable business that worked in harmony with it’s natural surroundings.

Our truffles grow on the Mediterranean Oak, a tree native to the El Pozuelo region of Spain where our plantation is based. These trees used to form forests covering vast areas of Europe. But over the past century their numbers fell dramatically.

The death of the forests knocked the Southern European ecosystem out of balance. Plants and animals that relied on the trees lost their habitat.

Today, conservationists and companies such as we are helping to bring back these trees and providing a habitat for the native plants and animals whose numbers have been in decline.

The truffles that grow on the roots of these Mediterranean Oaks are the Périgord Black Truffle. One of the most popular and most expensive truffles in the world.

We’ve assembled an expert team, from scientists to agrologists, who ensure every step from truffle spore to truffle harvest, is performed to the highest standard. This ensures that each year we get the maximum harvest giving our investors and ourselves the maximum returns.

Our journey is only just beginning and we couldn’t be more excited. A new day is dawning and it holds great promise for green and sustainable companies.