The best green investments of 2021 are shaping up to be some of the smartest financial plays for the next decade. Governments across the world agree sustainable investments are now a global priority. A new era is upon us. As a result, big and small investors alike are seeking out the very best green and ethical investments. More money than ever is flowing into green and sustainable investments.

The majority of these new investors are drawn by two main reasons. The first is profit, and the second is ethics.

Investments with excellent earnings potential will always have the market’s attention. Companies that offer strong returns for their investors are always going to be in demand. Thanks to soaring demand for green investments and generous tax breaks, green investments are very competitive.

Making money will always be the primary concern to hedge funds and other institutional investors. But everyday folk are increasingly investing based on another principle. Ethics.

Making money doesn’t have to be at someone elses expense.

It’s no secret that major corporations are making billions of dollars while paying factory workers in 3rd world countries a pittance. Other companies are destroying rainforests or polluting rivers and waterways, to make a quick buck.

Do you really want to profit off the back of these practices?

Green investments are the ethical choice that can offer competitive returns with a clean conscience. In many cases, making a green investment actively helps to make the world a better place.

Forestry and other agricultural investments, solar panels and natural medicine are all helping to lower the carbon footprint.

Looking after the planet for future generations is one of the pressing issues of our time. Making green investments will allows todays investors and future generations to enjoy a reliable source of income, and a healthier, cleaner planet.

Truffle Producing Trees

field with neat rows of truffle producing trees

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Investing in truffle producing trees is a sustainable choice that can provide a reliable passive income stream for decades. Unlike other forestry investments, truffles are harvested annually. This allows investors to start seeing returns on their investment after two or three years. An investment in timber producing trees can take 20 years or even more to for profits to reach your bank account.

An investment in truffle producing trees through Truffle Farms Europe comes with a predicted RIO ranging from 847% up to more than 1470% over a 30-year period. This is considerably higher than most other green investments thanks to the unique value of Black Périgord Truffles. Périgord black truffles sell for over $1,000 per lb. and prices of $2,000 per lb. are not uncommon.

These numbers are not usually possible with other farming investments. Typically, crops such as oranges or lettuce offer slim profit margins. Farmers make their money by producing in high volume. This makes it difficult for the average investor to profit. They would need to buy vast amounts to make a decent return.

Truffles are a green and sustainable investment that will generate healthy returns for decades. Truffle Farms Europe are using the latest scientific advances to guarantee the best possible harvests. With nothing left to chance, our investors are generating a diversified passive income stream that allows them to enjoy the kind of lifestyle they deserve.

Wind And Solar Power

wind farm in the countryside

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While fossil fuels have taken us a long way, it’s fair to say their days are numbered. A global consensus is hard to find, but just about everyone agrees that the time has arrived for green energy. The only question the ammount of time it will take for fossil fuels to become obselete. Air pollution and climate change has made the current use of fossil fuels unsustainable.

Green energy sources such as wind and solar power don’t produce greenhouse gasses or air pollution. This is why promoting these types of energy is a top priority for corporations and governments alike. Investing in wind and solar power is one way to help promote a greener future for the world. Solar and wind power are fully renewable and will provide power for years to come without reducing the world’s natural resources.

There are other ethical reasons to choose renewable energy sources. Countries who can generate their own renewable energy have more control over their energy supply.

As we know, most of the world’s fossil fuel is concentrated in a few countries. If these countries were to stop exporting, the impact could be disastrous. Developing a strong renewable energy system gives countries a layer of security against this kind of situation.

With governments pushing for action against climate change, an investment in solar and wind power companies is a bet on the shape of tomorrow’s world.

Teak Trees

young teak trees on a farm

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Teak trees are another long-term investment offering solid returns. Teak investments, and timber investments in general, have long been popular with the super-wealthy and large hedge funds.

This is because timber is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio. Teak trees, and timber in general offers exposure to a completely different asset class. This provides a useful hedge against any troubles in the traditional markets.

As well as being carbon neutral, teak trees, like truffle producing trees, are especially good for the natural ecosystem. They provide habitat for native plants and animals and even help to generate rainfall. During the last century demand for teak led to some large-scale deforestation. Today’s teak farmers harvest responsibly, helping the countryside return to its natural state.

When investing in teak trees be sure to use a company with an established track record. Teak plantations in parts of Central America can sometimes be scams designed to lure in naive investors. While some are legit, be sure to carry out due diligence. Better to go with an established company offering lower returns, than lose it all on the promise of big money in an under-regulated country.

Hemp And Medicinal Cannabis

two scientists working with their cannabis crop

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Cannabis stocks and products have been some of the most popular investments over the past few years. High-profile investors have brought attention to a market that is growing fast. Combine this with the decriminalization of cannabis throughout the world and it’s easy to see the potential for these products.

Apart from cannabis stocks, which have proved very popular with younger investors, the cannabis plant itself has many useful properties.

On the medical side of things, cannabis can be used to treat a variety of ailments. It can help Chemotherapy patients by lessening the side effects of their treatment. Patients with eating disorders can use cannabis as a way of stimulating their appetite. Cannabis can also provide relief for patients with mental health illnesses, as well as those suffering from physical pain.

Hemp also comes from the cannabis plant and has wide range of uses. Hemp fibers can be used to make carpets, rope, sacks, and nets. They can also be used to make clothes. Hemp fibers are stronger and more durable than cotton fibers although not as soft against the skin. Hemp can also be used to make natural soaps and detergents that don’t pollute the water systems with synthetic chemicals.

It’s Time To Make Green Investments Matter

jar full of silver coins with plant growing from it

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We believe that an investment in truffle producing trees is the best green investment on the market. Thanks to the value of truffles the returns are the best of any green investment we know of. Unlike timber, investors start taking profits after only a few years. Truffle Farms Europe also offers the security of investing in Europe, rather than risking your money in a developing nation.

But whatever investment you decide to make, we believe every investor can benefit from going green.




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