It seems that Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos are never out of the news. Huge gains are followed by dramatic losses. Some people are making fortunes while others have lost everything. But are there better investment options available in 2021? We take a look to find out whether black truffles are a better investment than crypto and weigh up the pros and cons of investing in each.

Reasons To Invest In Truffle Producing Trees

We take a look at the reasons why truffle producing trees may suit your portfolio more than crypto.

Annual Returns

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Investing in black truffle producing trees offers you a reliable source of annual income. Each year you can count on the money that you will receive from a successful truffle harvest. The peace of mind that comes with this type of investment cannot be understated. It allows you to plan for your ideal lifestyle from a secure platform.

Crypto returns are anything but stable. Bitcoin price fluctuations are legendary. I can tell you from experience that waking up to find your investment has lost 25% of its value overnight isn’t a great feeling.

Another problem with crypto is knowing when to take profits. While you can count on your black truffle money, knowing what the price of a crypto will be 5 months down the line is impossible. You either need to hold for the long term (say 3 or 4 years) or watch the market closely so you can sell at exactly the right time.

Knowing when to sell is another problem with crypto. YouTube traders will happily give you price predictions and dates, but they’re records never stand up to scrutiny. The reason why is that the people who know how to trade crypto make their money trading. This is a full time job and they are not spending time making YouTube videos.

Truffles Investments Offer A Secure Future

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Investing in truffle producing trees means you can enjoy profits for three decades. This is a lot of passive income that can benefit both yourself and future generations. No doubt, some crypto currencies will also secure a future for investors, but which ones? At this early stage in the market it isn’t easy to pick winners and losers. Investing in truffle producing trees is tried and tested.

Truffle Producing Trees Are Eco-Friendly

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The world is going green. At this stage there can be no doubt about it. Climate change is one of the big global issues of our time. Truffle trees are helping the European countryside return to its original state. The trees obviously help reduce the world’s carbon footprint but the extra woodland benefits a huge range of animals, birds, insects and plants.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is notorious for being energy inefficient. Recent figures showed that the Bitcoin network used more energy per year than nations such as Sweden and the Ukraine. This energy consumption makes Bitcoin completely unsuitable to be a currency of the future. Energy efficient alternative currencies such as XRP, XEM and XDC may provide the solution.

No Chance Of Losing All Your Money 

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2021 has been a boom year for crypto. Most early investors have reason to feel happy with their investment. But take a look at the top 20 coins from the last bull market in 2017. Many of these cryptocurrencies have vanished. Coins that were worth hundreds of dollars in 2017 are practically worthless today.

There is no reason to think that the same thing won’t happen again. Governments are in the process of drafting crypto regulations. Most coins will not survive. Investors who picked the wrong coins will wake up one morning to find their unrealised profits are just that, unrealised.

Investing in black truffles is a steady play. It offers excellent returns without the risk of losing everything. The crypto market has distorted what people expect from an investment. Greedy people and scammers have saturated the market and a lot of people will lose everything. 

Great Way To Diversify

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A black truffle investment is a sensible part of a well-balanced portfolio. By having exposure to black truffles as well as stocks, bonds, housing, and even crypto you are insured against a downturn in one of the markets. 

Black truffles are especially appealing in these situations. The crypto market tends to correlate with the stock market. This can also bleed into the housing market at times. Black truffles are immune to the effects of the traditional markets. 

Reasons To Invest In Crypto

Crypto has it’s fans and has made some people very rich. But is it the right investment for you?

Potential Lottery Ticket

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The main reason people invest in crypto is the promise of outrageous returns. People who got into the market early enough have made fortunes. Digital money is and blockchain is going to have a big role to play in the future. Pick the right coins and there is still a chance for life changing profits.

The best advice to anyone wanting to invest in crypto is to only invest as much as you can afford to lose. There are no certainties with crypto. If you can’t afford to lose 100% of your crypto investment, then you are over exposed. Crypto is still something of a gamble. You have a chance to win big. But no smart investor puts all their capital into lottery tickets. 

In Conclusion

Black truffles are a solid and reliable investment. Returns of over 15% per year are achievable. This would allow you to double your buying power every 6 years. 20% returns would put you in the same sphere as the very best investment managers and financial advisors.

Black truffles are an eco-friendly investment that offer traditional portfolios another level of protection.

Crypto is still in the Wild West stage, and will remain that way until regulations are passed. There are opportunities to win big, but most people will end up losing everything. If you are going to invest, then research everything. Try to find coins with a viable use case and reputable partners. These are the ones that will survive after regulations.

Black truffles are a smart choice for investors who want to make strong profits for years to come. Crypto is more of a gamble. While it’s good to be positive about a crypto investment, you should always remember it could go to zero literally overnight.