How do I know that you will plant my trees and look after them as you say?

Many of our buyers are buying for investment returns. We have an inherent interest in that return and the overall performance of the plantations we manage. Our interest and the continued scientific rigour and integrity of our partner are critical to everything we do.

Can we visit?

Yes, you can!

How long after I buy them will you plant my Trees?

Trees can only be planted during the dormant winter months – November to March. We do work through the rest of the year looking after the plantations and preparing for the coming year’s new trees, which are grown from acorn ourselves. We know that people want to buy trees as gifts, so we offer the possibility to buy trees all year round, to meet the constant calendar of birthdays, weddings etc. Usually, no one is waiting any more than six months to have their tree planted after purchase. But we only produce a certain amount of trees per year to meet our estimated customer needs. This way people can buy at the time and send the gift certificate. We then send the Giftee a notice of planting and all the information when completed… so it’s a bit like getting a gift twice.

How can I be sure you will give me the truffles or the money for them grown on my tree roots?

When you buy trees from us, you receive a certificate and your trees are tagged and photographed on planting and a plan of their precise location is sent to you. If you choose to have the money, this will be based on your proportional share of the crop from the TFE trees planted in the same year as yours, less of course the costs we charge stated in our agreement with you.

Can you send trees to me so I can plant them myself?

We do not sell trees for sending in the post or collection. We focus on planting and growing trees for our customers in the very best conditions that will maximise their chance of getting truffles. Many factors go into this maximisation process, but one of the most crucial is the location of your growing trees. Where we are planting not only maximises all aspects of growth, but also the actual value of your truffles.

Can you guarantee that I will get truffles?

We cannot guarantee that you will get truffles or how many truffles you will get. We can say that of over 300,000 trees supplied by our scientific team in the last 20 years, about 80% have produced truffles. In this time, both the science of inoculation and the knowledge of husbandry and truffle plantation management has advanced a lot. (Many of these improvements have been led by our team.) Also, many of the plantations supplied do not have irrigation, which is a vital component in getting a crop – ours do. We can guarantee that your trees will have a 100% inoculation of the best truffle spores.

Why do you provide only licences and not ownership of the trees?

Quite simply, the complications of French property law would make returns to you uncertain if we sold the trees in perpetuity. By separating out the asset (trees) from the land, removes the potential for costly French social charges to be applied to your returns.

You say that it is Tax Free for UK Investors - How can you achieve this?

UK tax legislation currently provides for investments or purchases in professionally managed forestry and all the returns that result from it, that are planted in the European Economic Area (EEA) to be free of Income, Capital Gains, Company & Corporation Tax and Inheritance Tax. Your tree purchases are also exempt from VAT. Only pay-as-you-go maintenance charges are subject to VAT.

What do you mean by membership and members benefits?

When you purchase trees with us you not only get the forecast returns, but you become an exclusive Member. Dependent on the number of trees you buy your Membership gives you entitlement to a range of privileges and discounts, such as visits, truffle hunts, holidays etc. You will be informed of these at the time of purchase and as our estates develop.

How safe and secure are my truffles from theft?

Our plantations are secured prior to truffle crop production with +2m metal, high security perimeter fencing. Our staff reside on the properties and maintain vigilant watch. We have identified an ex-military security specialist in perimeter penetration protection to advise us on additional protections we may need through the years.

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