Our Guiding Principles — Ethical, Ecological, Environmental & Sustainable

We focus entirely upon tree growth from “acorn germination, to planting and husbandry over the long term life of our trees” to produce great truffles. Fortunately, our attempt at providing the finest quality produce delivers sustainability through significant natural, mature hardwood tree reforestation. It thereby replenishes and protects a part of the natural environment under threat from climate change. This gives us as much satisfaction, as successfully producing the finest luxury food.

Why Buy?

  • Supply Collapse – 95% of global truffle production lost and drought is causing recent seasonal crop failures.
  • Demand is rising exponentially. In the United States alone, it has climbed from $4m to an estimated $30m over the last decade.
  • Luxury not Commodity — The world’s premium luxury products, foods and drinks are craved by the tens of thousands of untapped BRIC and MINT country wealthy.
  • True French Grown black Perigord truffle at €2,000p/kg command a sustainably high premium in the retail market over truffles from other truffle producing countries.

Brochure PDF

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Further advantages include:

  • UK Tax Benefits — Returns to be treated in accordance with UK Woodlands/Forestry applicable legislation for Capital Gains and Inheritance Taxes. (HMRC BIM67701)
  • French Tax Benefits — Standard French legislation allows truffles to be free of income tax for 15 years from date of tree planting. (Article CGI 64-2 CGI – Code des Impot)
  • World’s Best Science — The services of Micologia Forestal & Aplicada (MF&A) the World’s leading truffle tree science company and in Dr Marcos Morcillo, the World’s most successful tree inoculation expert.
  • Focused Commercial Strategy — We have a long term operational and commercial crop sale plan, with a clearly developed strategy of flexible disposal of the Plantations in whole or lots, offering you the option of early stage exits.

“In summary, a combination of land, location and world leading science offers an unparalleled opportunity for Purchasers seeking to combine the value of long term investment and the tax exemptions agroforestry within the European Economic Area brings, with the world’s finest and most valuable luxury food at a uniquely advantageous time.”

How you get your returns?

  • 15 year growing programme — First crop forecast winter 2017/18
  • You receive 80% of the annual crop share for the life of your holding
  • 50% of projected tree sale price in year 15 (or earlier)

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