As well as generating money, green investments can be a useful hedge against inflation and a solid way to diversify your portfolio. Just as importantly, they’re investments that make the world a greener place to live. By aligning values and investments you can feel good about your investments and make a positive difference in the world.

We look at some green companies to invest in for 2022.

Money Flowing Into Green Investments

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Huge companies such as BlackRock are pouring money into the green investment space. But what are the reasons for this strategy?

Social responsibility and the desire to make ethical investments plays a part. But Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock is a businessman, and he has gone on record stating that the next 1000 unicorns will be sustainable companies.

Capital, especially young capital, is looking for new investments, and BlackRock will be able to provide them with different green investment opportunities.

But you can also invest directly into green companies and cut out the middleman.

What Is Divestment?

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As well as making green investments, you can use your investments to influence companies to make more green and ethical decisions.

This practice dates to the 1990s, and apartheid South Africa. Concerned investors wanted to put pressure on companies and banks that were supporting apartheid. They decided to hit these companies where it hurts, in the pocket.

By selling their shares and withdrawing money from offending companies and banks, they hit the share prices, hard. It didn’t take long for management to take notice of what was happening, and it led to a change in policy. These same companies ended up joining the anti-apartheid movement and lobbied the government to end apartheid policies.

This is an important reminder that your actions and investments can and do make a difference. By making ethical investments and financial decisions, you can help to build a greener and fairer future for everyone.

Benefits Of Going Green

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As well as benefiting the environment there are plenty of other benefits to making green investments and promoting green companies.

  • In the long run, green energy can be cheaper than traditional energy.
  • Air pollution causes millions of deaths each year. Green companies are bringing that number down by improving air quality.
  • Green investments are often tax free. Truffle Farms Europe is a perfect example of this.
  • Being a green company while hitting business targets is great for investor confidence. This is what everyone wants in a green investment.

Truffle Farms Europe

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Investing in truffle producing trees from Truffle Farms Europe is a green, ethical and sustainable investment offering long-term returns.

Green, ethical, and sustainable aren’t just fine words they’re at the heart of a business model and shape every decision we make.


We have planted a 202-hectare truffle farm in El Pozuelo, Spain.  These trees are helping to return natural forest land to a part of Europe that has been losing trees for decades. We all know that reducing the carbon footprint is one of the top priorities of our age. Planting trees is one of the best ways to do this and ensure long-term success.


We believe that acting in an ethical way brings its own rewards. We treat all our staff with integrity and ensure they have everything they need to perform their tasks in a positive and welcoming environment. This is true throughout the company and right the way through to our Truffle Hunting Dogs.

We’re focused on the long-run and our truffle producing trees will make El Pozuelo more ecologically sound and add to rather than draw from, the areas natural resources.


We only use native trees for growing truffles because we want our forests to be ecologically sound and sustainable. The Mediterranean Oaks we use are perfectly adapted for living in Spain which means that they don’t require excessive water to thrive. Other forestry investments sometimes put profit before sustainability and plant non-native trees in search of a quick buck.  These non-native trees invariably require vast amounts of water, which comes at the expense of the surrounding areas.

Our truffle trees live in harmony with the environment and will provide a welcome home for native flora and fauna as the trees mature. The Périgord Black Truffles they produce are one of the worlds most expensive and in-demand luxury foods.

Truffle producing trees are a long-term investment and can generate returns of 15%+ IRR each year. As a green investment recognized by all the governments in Europe, this is completely tax free. We pay annual returns after each truffle harvest and profits can be taken in a currency of your choice.

Green Stocks

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For the sake of this article, we will label green stocks as stocks which bring some benefit to the environment. This could be a company that uses green products, such as a wind farm. It could also be a regular company that has gone above and beyond in its efforts to become more environmentally friendly. This can be by using more renewable sources of energy or taking steps to make the surrounding areas greener.

Green companies tend to be new. 50 years ago, most companies, like people in general, were ignorant of green issues and the need to protect the environment.

Renewable energy is a popular green stock which is worthy of consideration. The price of renewable energy continues to fall, and this is making it increasingly popular with investors.

An alternative to green stocks is ESG Funds. This are a selection of green stocks bought together under one roof. By investing in an ESG Fund, you gain exposure to numerous green stocks. This has the benefit of allowing you to help more green companies as well as diversifying your portfolio.

Speak with your financial investor for some recommended green stocks.

Go Green In Daily Life

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As well as making green investments, making green decisions in daily life is an important part of helping the planet. From buying eco-friendly products and recycling to composting and growing more fruit and veg, there are so hundreds of ways to make a difference.

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