Truffle Farms Europe Ltd is a Private Company with 80% of the share capital owned by myself, Martin Waddell.

We have built significant value within the business. It will always be the case that my company will own a vast majority of our truffle trees, however over the past few years, we have offered a small proportion (5 to 10%) of our trees to individuals who share our beliefs and vision to purchase as a fully managed Truffle tree investment.

Our members, like us, appreciate that very good investment returns can be secured without having to damage our environment. 

Our current offering is in Spain. We offer the ownership of Truffle inoculated trees for a period of 30 years. During that time, we will fully manage the trees in the same way as we do with our own. We will sell the truffles produced by your trees on your behalf. We will retain 20% of the proceeds as our management fee, and we will send to you 80% of the Truffle sale proceeds.

Using the projected crop yield assumptions that are within our own business plan, the IIR for investments would be between 16% and 19%, depending on the amount invested. The projected ROI is between 1066% and 1525% over the 30 years.

Selling this small percentage of our trees allows us to continue to fund the science team to enhance the knowledge of truffles, as well as other projects what we have in the pipeline. We will only do this for a few years whilst our truffle crop builds. Thereafter our company will be closed to new members, although we will commit to allowing existing members to invest in our new plantations as they become available.

It is important to understand that nature itself needs to take its time to make its core contribution to the development of our truffles. In a post 2008 age, there is something both fulfilling and eminently right about reconnecting with the cycle of nature, represented by investing, ethically, ecologically, environmentally and sustainably in our natural resources.

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