You either love it or you hate it, we all know the saying. Marmite is an opinion-divider, but we have a feeling that this latest addition to the Marmite family is going to be a popular one. Hitting the shelves on Monday morning (2nd of May), Marmite Truffle is the latest flavour in the family, and sounds like the most super indulgent (and extra) way to start your morning.

With the Queen’s jubilee coming up, we all like to feel that extra bit posh and extra bit royal and spreading a layer of truffled Marmite on your toast each morning will do exactly that. And what’s even more tempting than the sound of this luxurious spread is its price tag! Truffles tend to be priced out of range for most of us but for only £4.50 in Sainsbury’s, everyone can get their hands on a bit of truff.

Marmite’s unique umami flavour does indeed make for a cracking breakfast (can you tell we are lovers not haters?) but it is also versatile for any meal of the day. Hello Marmite roast potatoes to Nigella’s famous Marmite spaghetti, the possibilities are endless! Our mouth is watering…. Truffle-y, marmite-y pasta topped with parmesan…sorry we got distracted there!

Marmite has recently started branching out into different flavour ranges, including a chilli Marmite — the Dynamite edition and the popularity of these products has spurred them on to test out some more wacky ideas (who remembers Marmite houmous?!). So, whether you love it or you hate it, you can’t deny that Marmite Truffle is the one of the poshest possibilities! We’ll have to try it and see, darling!

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