Last week, Made in Chelsea stars Olivia Bentley and Tina Stinnes took centre stage at London’s first ever ‘pop-up’ truffle hunt, hosted by Tyrrells Crisps and Martin Waddell, founder of Truffle Farms Europe. The unique event, which transformed Hackney City Farm into a truffle hunting ground, marked the launch of the crisp manufacturer’s limited edition Black Truffle and Sea Salt Hand Cooked Crisps.

The centre piece of the day was a truffle master class and tasting session hosted by Martin, accompanied by a trusty cocker-spaniel, Molly. Martin took guests at #TyrrellsTruffleHunt on a journey of taste and discovery, whilst sharing his vast knowledge of the origins and flavours of a true culinary delight.

Olivia Bentley, current star on reality TV show Made in Chelsea and Tina Sinnes, Ex-Made in Chelsea and star of Love Island, relished the opportunity to learn more about the famous Black Truffle, posting images on Instagram and signing autographs all in aid of the launch. Molly and the farm’s resident pigs and Donkeys were favorites with the stars.

During the one hour masterclass, Martin shared some fascinating insights with guests about the art of a successful truffle hunt:

“If you’re hunting for wild truffles, there are three key factors to consider – an experienced handler who knows the land, a good tool with which they can quickly but carefully dig out the prize truffle and a strong working relationship with a well-trained truffle hunting dog. But if you had to choose one, it would be the dog.  Developing trust and a good working relationship with a dog takes patience and persistence. On a plantation you ideally need two dogs to prevent “scent fatigue,” something which can occur in as little as an hour. This way you can switch them in and out, or work them together.

A good truffle dog is so valuable, they have been known to be kidnapped in places such as Alba in Italy, famous for the rare white truffle. A well-known truffle hunter was once asked who he loved more, his wife or his dog. His reply; “A wife is replaceable….but the dog?” I don’t think his dinner was on the table when he got home.”

Like the rest of the Tyrrells Hand Cooked Potato Crisp range, Black Truffle & Sea Salt is made in small batches from locally grown, seasonal varieties of potatoes at Tyrrells Court Farm in Herefordshire. Hand cooked and seasoned to perfection with the finest, specially selected ingredients, the crisps boast a unique curl, crunch and taste.

Coverage of the event appeared in London List, Campaign and Lifestyle Linked. Here are some of the latest articles about the event.