Welcome to the World of Truffles and to the world class cultivation & science we apply. We have packed a lot of information into our website. That’s because the commercially successful cultivation of the Perigord or Black Winter Truffle is a complex and involving activity.

Truffles are all about time and we want you to take your own time reading through our website and here you can find out more about my journey towards creating what I am confident will be one of the world’s most productive and valuable truffle farms.

The blogs, news and events entries should help to give you a sense of how we got to this point in our development and an insight into where we are going. If that encourages you to join us on this fascinating and rewarding journey then so much the better. I look forward to welcoming you to becoming a “Truffiere”.

Yours faithfully

Martin Waddell – Founder

Meet the MD: Martin Waddell, Truffle Farms Europe

Investment is not an area where you might immediately think innovation was rife. Meet Martin Waddell, who runs a truffle investment programme… What is it the company does? We offer alternative investment options for people looking for new and enterprising ways to...

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Martin Waddell: The dark side of Scottish forestry

The Scottish forestry industry – worth £1 billion and growing – has been a notable success, bucking the downturn trend experienced across many sectors since 2008.   Forestry has helped regenerate rural areas by providing much-needed employment opportunities within...

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Back in the Cold North – but on with the Truffles

A long time since my last entry and inevitably the curse of the busy man in real life or the amateur blogger who fell of the posting shelf. We returned after much angst and hand wringing from the warm and beautiful south of France - we have actually been mad enough to...

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Empty Loft

It was a public holiday today in France - the Tuesday as opposed to the Monday. We opted to get rid of as much as possible via the car boot sale in Millas (pronounced (Meeyass)..less said about the range of puns I could extract from that, the better. Why empty loft...

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What’s in a Name?

Well everything really, when your dealing with search engines. Being in France and planting French truffles, I opted for the elegant (if marginally La Truffiere. I thought it had a certain ring and to the English ear a sense of Gallic cavalier...all...

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Two Days of Progress and Pleasure

I had a great day with Marcos Morcillo and Xavi Vilanova (two of the partners in Micologial Forestal Aplicada) probably the world’s leading scientific truffle authority and inoculated tree and technology supplier. The intention was to have a half day together, but we...

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OK I know I’m a hypocrite

What is a black Scotsman and father of four children living in the South of France doing that might be the least interesting to other people? This is a question I've been asking myself for some time now. Like many people I have the feeling there is a novel in me and...

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