Welcome to the World of Truffles and to the world class cultivation & science we apply. We have packed a lot of information into our website. That’s because the commercially successful cultivation of the Perigord or Black Winter Truffle is a complex and involving activity.

Truffles are all about time and we want you to take your own time reading through our website and here you can find out more about my journey towards creating what I am confident will be one of the world’s most productive and valuable truffle farms.

The blogs, news and events entries should help to give you a sense of how we got to this point in our development and an insight into where we are going.

Yours faithfully

Martin Waddell – Founder

Nosing out a fortune in UK truffles

Boudicca Fox-Leonard discovers one of the world’s rarest delicacies is growing on a farm in Wales Bella the sprocker spaniel’s nose has disappeared into the earth and she’s furiously pawing the ground. It’s a rainy Welsh afternoon on Matt Sim’s farm in Monmouthshire,...

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The £1,7000-a-kilo WELSH truffle

Highly sought-after Mediterranean fungus is cultivated in the country as part of a research project A rare Mediterranean black truffle has been cultivated in the UK for the first time  Researchers say the aromatic fungus grew in Wales because of climate change It was...

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Truffle Prices Double to $3,200 a Pound

Italy’s hot summer and dry fall could see supplies in some regions reduced by 90 percent. During a bumper year for Italian white truffles, one of fine dining’s most precious (read: expensive) ingredients, San Francisco chef Michael Tusk can get practically profligate...

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Turn your foodie passion into profit

From enjoying a glass of velvety red wine to treating yourself to a meal topped with luxurious truffle shavings in a restaurant; we all like the finer things in life, but have you considered investing in them? Moneywise weighs up the case for investing in truffles and...

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Summer 2017 – TTiF Newsletter

Welcome to our Summer Season newsletter 2017. It’s been a hugely busy summer, mostly spent in the South of France surveying and analysing land as well as visits to Brussels, Luxembourg and Geneva. There has been some time for the family under the sunshine on the Med...

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