Regulation and Authorisation

TFE is a transparent organisation and is clear in stating that the company’s specific activities are not regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA),

Each client purchases the individual number of trees they select and these are accordingly marked at the time of purchase or planting. It is at the client’s discretion, as to whether they choose to have the crop from these trees included in the proportional returns as stated in our Terms & Conditions or not. Full advice as to the risks in relation to crops and specific tree production are given to each client prior to their decision in respect of such crop allotment.

We request our prospective clients seek out and speak with a regulated and authorised Independent Financial Advisor of their choosing, prior to making the purchase decision.

Advising, Arranging and Managing Investments

It is TFE’s understanding that purchases based upon the beneficial ownership of tangible property assets as offered by TFE are not designated investment types. The company is therefore not considered to be performing the function of arranging (bringing about) deals in investments.

The alternative investment opportunities offered by TFE are not considered to be collective investment schemes, in part because there is no pooling of funds which are then collectively invested in underlying assets and the activities of the firm are therefore not considered to be a designated investment type as per the Regulated Activities Order Part III Article 81.

Self Certification

TFE Purchases as set out in their current form are deemed not to be appropriate for “Retail Investors” and you will be required to make any purchase through our Designated Purchase Platform.

Here you will be required to Self Certify that you fall into one of the following criteria of FCA Designated, Investor Type:

1) Restricted Retail Investor
2) High Net Worth Investor
3) Sophisticated Investor
4) Elected Professional Investor

Potential clients should remain aware that the projects offered by TFE involve the direct acquisition of tangible, physical assets, rather than paper-based financial investments, and as such, regulatory compensation schemes such as the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) may not be available.

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