Founder’s Introduction

The principles on which our business was founded are by their very nature driven by my view of Investment. That there had to be a better way of investing than the continued smash and grab strategies that prevailed from the “Gordon Gecko” days of the 1980’s, to the “Slice and Dice” catastrophe of 2007. The idea that nature itself could offer the answer was kindled in the concept of the Italian-led “slow food movement”, the concept of foraging and natural, organic and local food origins.

Ultimately, this is beginning to lead to the general concept of other ways of investing, than can be sustainable, ecological and environmentally beneficial and yet should fundamentally be, in order to attract the necessary scale of investment, profitable. Adding in the concepts of SOCIAL and IMPACT investing allows us to begin to see an ALTERNATIVE WAY that comes with the broader and cohesive benefits this type of investment can deliver.

That large scale financial organisations and governments are coalescing in support of these values is no coincidence. Still often profit drivers overrun ecological values – large scale palm oil investments being implemented without recourse to the fundamental damage such monoculture projects can cause, the switch on and off of government tariff-based support for wind and solar based projects are a clear sign of policy inconsistency.

Despite these bumps along the road Alternative Investments are coming into the main stream and the substantial flows of capital and good conscience that they bring are to be valued beyond just their financial performance metrics. To help those of you with a further interest in the shaping and development of this new ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT ECONOMY we keep a collection of publicly available reports on this fascinating and emerging area of investment. Please feel free to peruse and download. We’ll try to update it as more become available.

Martin Waddell – Founder

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