Historical Plantation Yields

Yields and expected turnover average values for data collected in Europe for the black perigord truffle, suggest that truffle plantations produce between 20-90kg per hectare of truffles per year at an average wholesale price of £850/kg. This is a large range and it is important to realise that the figures take into account old plantations, plantations with much lower planting densities and those in less-than ideal conditions. However, the full spread of plantation productions within our geography is 0 – 200kg per hectare.

Plantations can also take from 4 – 12 years to produce a decent yield. The figures detailed in the table below take into account a slow rise to maximum yields and are based on the full recorded production range and a wholesale value of £850 p/kg. This was the median price through season 2010/11, with a high of £1300p/kg.

Individual Tree Production

A single brule (tree root system) can produce 10kg of truffles and some plantations can get 200kg a year per hectare, but at the same time there are trees and plantations that never become productive.

Years of Production

Expertly, maintained trees would be expected to have a viable production life of 50+years.

Realising Returns

The prices stated above are prices achieved in the wholesale markets of France and Spain. The value for this in the hands of the consumer, you in the case of a tree owner receiving their crop directly from us would be considerably above this. An example is the Gourmet Foodstore in the USA, currently selling fresh winter truffles from France for up to $1,872.00 p/lb which, equates to a kilogram price in sterling of £2,592.00 (correct as of 29/02/2012). Also for sale at this price with the Fine Food Specialists of London.

Maximising Rewards

We will be pursuing a direct sale approach with as much of our crop as possible, forging direct relationships and selling product online to consumers and in conjunction with a global partners cooperative. This should bring price realisation benefits for us over the figures above. The table below shows an indication of values that we feel can be achieved per tree, 5 stand and 10 stand basis.* “Direct to Retail” is based on £1,050/kg and “Direct to You” is based on £1400/kg. Please contact us if you would like to discuss these points in greater detail.

* Nothing here indicates or offers a guaranteed achievable price or crop yield. Figures stated are entirely for illustration purposes. or Truffle Farms Europe Ltd cannot be held liable for a failure to achieve an anticipated financial or crop yield return.

Returns & Benefits

You can choose to have the actual truffles or the returns from your own tree(s) as set out in 2 above, or choose to put them into and share proportionally in the plantation’s production returns.

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